X-ray absorption spectroscopy during photocatalysis with a liquid cell at SAMBA beamline (SOLEIL)

In Situ Cells and Synchrotron Experiments

LCMCP researchers design and use a variety of in situ cells for the analysis of their materials, whether at the lab or on large facilities such as synchrotron and neutron beamlines.
This working group aims at fostering expertise, knowledge and know-how on environmental analysis under gas, liquid, high-pressure, and other experimental conditions.


Internal resources

Follow this link to access the content discussed in the working meetings (only available for LCMCP members): https://lcmcp.upmc.fr/intra/cells_and_synchrotron/

Researchers involved

Sophie Carenco (animation of the axis; x-ray absorption; nap-xps)
Niki Baccile (neutron scattering; x-ray scattering)
Alexy De Jesus Almeida Freitas (x-ray absorption; x-ray scattering)

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Useful links

Lightsources.org: https://lightsources.org/
ESRF User portal: https://smis.esrf.fr/misapps/SMISWebClient/protected/welcome.do
SOLEIL User portal: https://sun.synchrotron-soleil.fr/sunset/bridge/sunset/